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Launch of "5030" Remembrance Project

On November 1st we launched our one year project #5030Remember.

Wonder what its about?


1. Raise mass awareness on the key-dates of historical events through instagram posts to commemorate the struggle during WW2 and against authoritarianism, the posts are on a daily basis during 1 year. Follow our Instagram channel:

2. Vivify the remembrance of the WW2 history and monuments by setting up 10 different memorial walks in 10 countries.

3. Counter the rising populism in Europe by fostering remembrance with innovative digital tools, published as guidelines to target educational institutions.

We also have European activities:

  • Kick off meeting in Nice, France. - 24-26 November 2019

  • Seminar of practitioners in the field of human rights' education and remembrance in Berlin, Germany; 15-18 May 2020

  • Conference and final evaluation: From Authoritarian regimes to democratic revolutions. Is the transition over? In Bucharest, Romania; 14-17 October 2020